Our journey started on the other side of the globe when two teenagers fell in love, got married and decided to make Canada their home. Thirty years of expertise in the hospitality industry combined with thirty years of ardent love for cooking and entertaining instilled a strong passion for food into us and our children too, and soon enough, we were raising three young cooks in our home, a Canadian daughter in law and a cat who have, over time, developed a sincere taste for our ethnic cuisine.

It is that passion that created an aspiration to serve beyond our own table. Hence the concept of Khokha came about where we hope to take you on a culinary adventure to experience the true colours of our ethnic heritage in food and ambience. The experience at Khokha draws its influence from the generous, warm hospitality of our Pakistani origin, the rich culture of the region, the authentic customary cuisine, as well as indigenous casual street food bringing to you a palette of flavours in a modern and urban setting.

We believe in celebrating food and diversity by presenting a fusion of elements from the East to the West, bringing the community together and sharing with you a palate of Pakistan.